Install garage door drive in 6 steps?

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Install garage door drive in 6 steps?

Install garage door drive in 6 steps?

How to Install garage door drive in 6 steps? With a garage drive, you’ll never be in the rain again. At the touch of a button, the garage door opens automatically and you can easily get into the dry with the car. Modern systems work reliably and safely, because they automatically detect obstacles.

Installing a garage door drive – this may sound elaborate at first, but depending on the model, can even be done by one person alone. With a helper, the project works all the better. In the following instructions we will explain step by step how to assemble a drive for your garage door. When it comes to the question of which drive you should choose for which garage door size, one of our expert employees in your market will be pleased to advise you.

First, the garage door operator must be assembled. Start with the track and slide the elements into each other according to the instructions. Connectors provide the right grip here. Then insert the carriages into the assembled rail. Pay attention to good running in all operations – it should not tilt anything.

If your drive chain is not already preassembled in the track, then insert it into the track and guide it through the carriage. Then the chain is pulled through the still loose chain tensioner and put together with the chain tensioner on the running rail. Bring the chain ends together and connect them via fittings. The connecting links should click into place immediately – if necessary, use a screwdriver to help.

Have the motor ready for use next to the assembled track. Then loosen the tension screw on the chain tensioner to give the chain clearance and place it around the pinion on the motor. Then the track is put on the motor and the screw on the chain tensioner is tightened again to tension the chain. Do not put the chain too strong – it should still have some play. Make sure that the chain lies correctly in the pulley. Last task before installing the garage door drive is now the mounting of the mounting bracket on the sides of the motor housing.

Determine the center of the garage door using the yardstick and mark the spot with a pencil on the garage door. If you have removed the lintel attachment from the track, it will be mounted at the marked location. It is helpful to hold the lintel attachment in the center of the mark and mark the drill holes.

The holes are best drilled with a stone drill (10 mm). Wear protective clothing such as goggles and gloves. The fall attachment can then be bolted. The garage door drive (track with motor) then as safe as possible, z. B. on the garage door frame, store and connect the track with the attachment to the fall.

First, make sure that the ladder is secure on this step. Then you should raise the motor unit of the garage door drive to the ceiling and align it straight. Make sure that the running rail runs in the middle of the garage door and use the pencil to mark holes in the ceiling. Then they are drilled with the stone drill to fix the housing with the motor with screws and the mounting brackets attached in step 3. The track must be absolutely horizontal: Check the alignment and position with the spirit level and adjust the mounting brackets of the housing if necessary.

Finally, the door mounting bracket is mounted centrally on the swing gate and then connected to the push rod of the carriage. Now the garage door drive is mounted and only needs to be connected to the mains or an alternative power source.

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