How can I best seal my shower cubicle?

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March 22, 2018
can I best seal my shower cubicle

How can I best seal my shower cubicle?

How can I best seal my shower cubicle?: A shower cubicle has the task of protecting the whole bathroom from splashing water. The shower pleasure should not be diminished by the fact that after every shower with a pick-up the whole bathroom has to be dry-cleaned. This often causes you to sweat so much that a new shower is needed.
Incorrect sealing may cause waterlogging in the profiles and develop into mold. For the new installation and renovation of shower cubicles, therefore, the important question is how a shower cubicle can be professionally sealed.

Depending on the shower cubicle type and functional part of a shower cubicle, different seals are used. Frameless glass showers are equipped with different seals than fully framed corner showers. For example, the sealing of sliding doors is different from the sealing of pendulum or hinged doors. If the shower cubicle is already in use and water enters the interior of the bathroom, it must be determined where the leak is. Take the hand shower and spray various parts of the shower wet and then watch where the water comes out.

Generally, shower cubicles are supplied with the required PVC gaskets. For self-construction or renovation of shower cubicles replacement seals are needed. If you can no longer get the original seal from the manufacturer, then it is possible to purchase the desired product from the specialist retailer of shower enclosure gaskets. The water deflector is mounted under the frameless shower door by simply putting it on; this is made possible by the U-shape.
The profile is transparent and therefore inconspicuous and not disturbing. As a rule, over lengths up to 2 m are offered, which can be shortened to the desired length with a carpet knife. The seal between shower door and floor or shower tray is one of the main tasks of the water deflector. Below the U-shape, the seal has a plastic bar, which rests on the tub rim or floor. Gaskets with a bar combined with a round profile are also available. The lifting and lowering mechanism, which is often installed in shower doors, protects the seal.
An increased tightness is achieved by the additional use of surge bars. Bluff strips are self-adhesive, semicircular plastic or aluminum profiles, which are glued on the edge of the tub or on the floor directly in front of the glass door. The plastic bar of the water deflector lays from the inside in front of this surge bar and thus leads to a higher density. Often water deflectors are equipped with an additional lateral lip, so that water, which drips down the door, from inside reaches the slope area of the shower zone and cannot penetrate to the outside.

The vertical door seals are placed on the upright edges of the glass door to close the gap to the adjacent glass wall. On the handle side of the shower door, the seal is shaped like a round hollow body and this nestles when closing evenly to the adjacent glass wall. On the hinge side, a soft middle seal made of PVC is used, which easily catches the door movements and seals well thanks to the protruding lip.

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